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Buy Amish Paste tomato seeds here. How to grow these foot long wonders. At 8-12 inches from stem to blossom end, this may be the largest paste tomato in cultivation.

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Amish Paste is an open pollinated Pennsylvania Dutch variety which is prized for its disease resistance and long season of production.

The indeterminate vines will grow to 8 feet tall by the end of the season so use a sturdy staking system or strong, tall cages.

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The vines begin to crank out heavy crops of heirloom paste tomatoes roughly 80 days from the time the first flower appears.

The tomatoes vary in size and shape. You will have both plum and heart-shaped 8-12 ounce fruit on the same plant. The large size of these nearly seedless tomatoes makes them a joy to cook with.

They are more flavorful than most paste tomatoes and make a delightful tomato sauce. They are juicy enough to eat fresh but also dry beautifully.

Amish Paste vines do not bear their entire crop at once but will produce until stopped by frost.

This is one of the few large-fruited tomatoes which grows well in high heat. The plants will grow right through a Texas summer. However, production will slow. It will pick back up as soon as night temps drop back into the 80s.

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