Balsam Fir Christmas Tree
Abies balsamea Christmas Wreaths

Why the Balsam fir Christmas tree may be the best live tree you can use to decorate you home for the holidays. Free shipping on fresh cut Balsam fir Christmas wreaths. Buy artificial Balsam fir trees and wreaths too.

Snow covered firtrees in front of the Mandlwand, Salzburg, Austria
Snow covered Fir Trees
Dietrich Rose
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Abies baslamea possesses all the qualifications commonly sought in a Christmas tree:

  1. It is one of the most upright-growing and symmetrical of conifers.
  2. Its needles will hold, without shedding, for weeks in a warm house.
  3. It will spread the woodsy fragrance of the Appalachians throughout your home during the holiday season.

Add to this the fact that you can purchase a balsam fir Christmas tree with a clear conscience. This species is grown specifically for cutting, usually on land that is unsuitable for raising food crops.

Abies balsamea also produces a resin beneath its bark that is used for mounting slides.

In nature, Balsam fir trees can be found in Newfoundland, the Canadian Northwest and the Eastern United States as far south as Virginia. Trees growing in the U.S. range in height from 30-90 feet at maturity, depending on location and growing conditions.

Morning Light on Balsam Fir Cone with Frost, Michigan, USA
Morning Light on Balsam Fir Cone with Frost, Michigan, USA

Photographic Print
Carlson, Mark
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The short, flat needles of the Balsam fir are rounded (sometimes notched) at the tips. They range in length from 3/4 to 1 1/2 inch. The fresh foliage is dark green on top with a silver underside.

It takes nearly a decade for a Balsam fir to reach a height of 7 feet.

Fresh Balsam Fir Christmas Wreaths

Balsam fir Christmas wreath.

Decorated Wreath,
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There's nothing like the smell of fresh cut balsam to get you and your loved ones into the holiday spirit.

For easy Christmas cheer, order the pre-decorated wreath. The beauty of the plain version is that you can make a memorable family project of decking it out yourselves.

Both wreaths will be shipped in holiday boxes, so feel free to send them as gifts to far flung family and friends.

Plain balsam fir Christmas wreath.
Plain Wreath,
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Artificial Fir Christmas Trees

Autograph Foliages C60412 4 ft. Balsam Fir Tree

Autograph Foliages C60412 4 ft. Balsam Fir Tree

Autograph Foliages C91428 7.5 ft. Balsam Fir Tree

Autograph Foliages C91438 9 ft. Balsam Fir Tree

Autograph Foliages C80628 10 ft. Balsam Fir Tree

Autograph Foliages C80638 12 ft. Balsam Fir Tree

Autograph Foliages C80648 15 ft. Balsam Fir Tree

These artificial Balsam fir Christmas trees come to you ready to decorate out of the box. The limbs do not even require shaping and are hinged for easy storage. They are prewired with LED lights.

Autograph Foliages trees stand on fire retardant metal bases.

Vickerman A896167 6.5 ft. x 47 in. Balsam Fir DuraLit 400MU

Vickerman A896167 6.5 ft. x 47 in. Balsam Fir DuraLit 400MU

Vickerman A896176LED 7.5 x 51 Balsam 405 Warm White 1298T

Vickerman E104181 8.5 ft. x 54 in. Maine Balsam DuraLit 700CL

Vickerman A896182M 9 ft. x 59 in. Balsam Fir 850MU

Vickerman E104186LED 9.5 ft. x 59 in. Maine Balsam Italian 850CL

Vickerman E104196 14 ft. x 88 in. Maine Balsam DuraLit 2250CL

The Vickerman Balsam fir Christmas trees here are covered by a 10 year construction warranty. The lights are guaranteed to burn for 3,000 hours or 3 years. The trees stand on sturdy, metal bases.

The Vickerman Company has been offering quality artificial trees and wreaths to consumers across North America since 1940.

Fir Needle, Balsam Essential Oil ½ oz: K

Fir Needle Balsam Essential Oil

Balsam essential oil has a refreshing, uplifting woodsy aroma. A few drops in a pan of simmering water or dabbed onto incandescent light bulbs will infuse your home with the fragrance of a pine forest.

The trees used to produce this oil are grown on certified organic fields. No synthetic chemicals are used in growing or processing them. Steam distillation and cold pressing are used to extract the essential oil safely.

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