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Capsicum annuum

Bell pepper plant varieties. Red, yellow, purple and orange sweet peppers. Which type to grow if you've had disease problems in the past. Bell pepper seeds.

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Pepper, Sweet Bell Mix

Cheap Pepper Seeds, Sweet Bell Mix

Sweet bell pepper fruit grows on plants from 12-30 inches tall. The plants are branching with stems which start out herbaceous and turn woody within one season. These branches are clothed in dark green leaves with noticeable veins.

Each leaf is wider at the stem end and tapers to a pointed tip. The leaves wilt easily in dry weather.

Small white quarter inch buds appear as soon as the plant's reach a height of 6-8 inches. The buds open into star-shaped, downward facing, self-pollinating white flowers with yellow stamens.

The pretty flowers are quickly followed by fruit which starts out green and can mature to red, orange, yellow, purple, or even brown depending on the variety you plant.

Bell Pepper Varieties

Pepper Collection, Rainbow Bell

Pepper Collection, Rainbow Bell

Includes 1 packet each of California Wonder, Yellow Monster, Chianti and Horizon bell peppers.

There are several colors and types of bell peppers you can grow in the home garden. Growing them yourself is the only way to experience the taste of a sweet bell pepper at the peak of ripeness.

When allowed to fully ripen on the plant, they are sweet as apples and a delight to eat raw.

If, like me, you wish to avoid chemically treated vegetables, you can grow organic bell peppers and have the peace of mind of knowing that the food you are feeding your family is clean.

Here are a few bell pepper types to get your gastronomic juices flowing:

Red Bell Pepper Plants

California Wonder Sweet Bell Peppers

"Pepper, Sweet California Wonder 3 Plants"

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Thirty inch plants with great vigor and disease resistance produce an abundance of thick-walled, block-shaped fruit which turns red and sweet at maturity.

Each hefty fruit is about 4 inches square. This is the perfect size and shape for stuffing as they tend to "stand upright" in a baking pan or on a dinner plate.

When sliced, the huge rings make great bell pepper sandwiches.

California Wonder is one of the most popular peppers in the nation because of its resistance to Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) which keeps it healthier throughout the growing season.

"Pepper, Sweet Great Stuff Hybrid"

Emerald Giant Bell Pepper

our inch blocks of green to red fruit produced on a bell pepper plant 2-3 feet tall.The first fruit will be ready in approximately 76 days from seed sowing.

Blushing Beauty Sweet Bell Peppers

This large (3-4 inch) pepper turns from a glowing pale yellow or ivory to red as it ripens. Fruit of at least 2 colors will appear on the plants at once.

The 24-36 inch tall plants are high-yielding and set fruit reliably. They are resistant to 3 different strains of bacterial leaf spot and TMV.

The first fruits will begin to ripen approximately 72 days from sowing.

This is the red bell pepper plant to grow if you have had trouble growing peppers because of disease. Cage them as they bear so heavily that some of the stems may break during wet weather if the plants are not supported.

Blushing Beauty peppers are sweet even before they turn red.

Red Beauty Sweet Bell Peppers

Big 6 inch long fruits on 3 foot plants that produce 2 crops per season. The fruit is sweet, juicy and larger than most but the plants are not as productive as smaller fruited peppers.

Performs best when shaded from hot afternoon sun.

"Pepper, Sweet Red Delicious Hybrid Plants & Seeds"

Purple Bell Pepper

Chocolate Beauty Sweet Bell Peppers

This unusual pepper ripens from green to chocolate brown or sometimes purple!

It is basically a brown California Wonder. Grown mainly as a novelty but is a good producer with fine flavor.

Purple Beauty Bell Pepper

Big blocky deep purple to black fruits adorn this 2 foot tall plant. The most interesting thing about the fruit is that it turns green again when cooked!

This is a moderately productive open pollinated variety with medium vigor. A hybrid will give you more fruit on a larger plant but if you want to save your own seed, you can't beat Purple Beauty sweet bell peppers.

The darkest of the purple bell peppers.

"Pepper,Sweet Chocolate Belle Hybrid 1 Pkt. (30 seeds)"

Orange Bell Peppers

Pepper, Horizon

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Mandarin Bell Pepper

Pinching off some of the blossoms will cause the remaining fruit to grow larger.

The fruit of this Capsicum annuum hybrid ripen to a glossy pumpkin orange which mixes well with yellow and red bell peppers in stir fries and salads.

This sweet bell pepper plant produces well even in cool climates.

Sun Bell Sweet Bell Peppers

Heavy harvests of 3-4 lobed glowing orange peppers on stong 2 foot plants. The thick-walled fruit is crunchy and sweet.

Slice it with purple, red and green bell peppers for a colorful sweet bell pepper salad.

Gold Bell Pepper

Pepper, Yellow Monster

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Ori Bell Pepper

The Ori bell pepper distinguishes itself by setting large numbers of big, golden yellow fruit even under unfavorable weather conditions.

This easy care addition to the bell pepper garden will have you picking gold bell peppers 70 days from sowing.

Golden Summer Sweet Bell Peppers

This is a good container gardening pepper. The medium-sized fruit tapers at the blossom end and turns from green to golden orange when ripe.

Plants are vigorous, disease tolerant and set fruit well under a variety of weather conditions.

Super Heavyweight Sweet Bell Peppers

Jumbo half pound fruits mature from green to gold. These sweet bell pepper plants are disease resistant to TMV and PVY.

Golden Bell Sweet Bell Peppers

Medium-sized fruit appears 75 days from sowing and turns from green to pale yellow to gold-orange at maturity. This golden bell pepper is so pretty that you might be reluctant to harvest it!

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"Pepper, Sweet Orange Belle II Hybrid"

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"Pepper, Sweet Orange Belle II Hybrid 1 Pkt. (15 seeds)"

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