Black Krim Tomato

Lycopersicon lycopersicum

After planting Black Krim tomato seeds, you will be harvesting beefsteak tomatoes within 80 days of setting the seedlings into the garden. These so called black tomatoes are actually dark red and brown at maturity.

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This is one of the best tasting garden tomatoes you can grow. Many tomato growers claim Black Krim as a personal favorite. It is best eaten fresh as it is too soft to use when canning tomato sauce.

The fruit is born on indeterminate vines up to 8 feet tall. The productive vines begin to bear early and continue cranking out delicious tomatoes into fall.

Avoid waiting until the fruit is dead ripe before harvesting it. It may become too soft if you do.

Tomatoes Cracking?

Cracking at the stem end can be a problem with this heritage tomato. This is largely a result of applying too much water and applying it unevenly.

To avoid it:

  • Plant the tomato plants in clay pots instead of plastic pots.

  • Water the plants evenly and don't over water them.

  • When growing tomatoes in pots use a light, peat based potting mix.

  • for tomatoes planted in the ground, incorporate lots of organic matter into the planting area before setting the plants out. Crack prone tomatoes will do better on a fast draining soil even if they have to be watered daily.

  • Buy Heirloom Tomato Seeds

    Black Krim Tomato Seeds

    Black Krim Tomato Seeds

    This unique heirloom variety is considered one of the best "black" tomatoes around.

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