Black Mission Fig

The Black Mission Fig is the single best all-around fig tree variety for the continental U.S. It performs well in the north and south, on both coasts, and in inland locations. Mature specimens are delighting their owners with bountiful crops in climates as diverse as Arizona and New York.

Fig tree (edible variety) leaves and branches. It is recommended for zones 7-9. Mature trees are hardy to 15 degrees F. The in-ground roots will survive lower temperatures than this but the entire top of the tree may be lost. I this should happen, do not be hasty in digging out the roots as a new tree will often sprout from them.Requiring only 100 chill hours, the black mission is a great variety to plant in the lower south.

It bears twice each season (summer and fall) and the prolific breba, or early, crop is of good quality. The deep purple (when ripe) fruit is tasty and easily dried because of its high sugar content. Daytime temps above 95 degrees F. enhance the sweetness. The pink-fleshed fruits are large--about the size of an egg. It is the main commercial variety in California where it was discovered near an old mission more than a century ago.

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Aside from bearing wonderful fruit, the black mission fig is a great shade tree. This large leaved tree will grow to 30 feet tall and even wider than that left unpruned. Unlike a lot of other fig trees, it bears most heavily if only moderately pruned. If you get too enthusiastic with the loppers, you won't get nearly as much fruit the following season.

The Black Mission will make do with most soil types as long as it drains well. A newly planted tree will often fruit in its first year in the ground.

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