Blue Rose Meaning

The True Meaning of Blue Colored Roses

Blue rose meaning. The real meaning of blue colored roses. Blue rose flowers do not occur in nature. The florists blue rose flower is dyed blue. I'll tell you how to make and the meaning of a blue rose.

Blue Rose Plant

Blue Girl Hybrid Tea Rose

Blue Girl Hybrid Tea Rose

Gurney's Choice Fully double flowers with 35 to 40 petals--all a rare shade of lavender blue.

There seems to be some confusion about blue rose flowers and blue roses meaning.

The rose bushes known in the trade as blue rose plants, produce lavender flowers. There is no rose plant which produces real blue roses.

True blue, dark or light, is a rose color which continues to elude rose hybridizers.

The florist blue rose is actually a white rose which has been dyed. You can easily make them yourself at home.

How to Make Baby Blue Roses

  • Cut or buy long stemmed white roses.

  • Half fill a vase with water. Add a few drops of blue food coloring to the water. The amount of food coloring you add will determine the shade of blue you get. Start with just a few drops unless you know that you want dark blue roses.

  • Crush the bottom half inch of each stem so that they will absorb the blue water more easily. You can do this by laying the stem on a cutting board and tapping it with a hammer.

  • Set the roses into the water for at least 8 hours. Once they are the shade of blue you wanted, take them out and dry the stems with a paper towel.

  • The True Meaning of Blue Roses

    Blue rose meaning derives from the rarity of the natural blue rose. Blue rose flowers represent the desire for the unattainable.

    When you buy blue roses for someone you are saying, "I know I cannot have you, but I want you." Give them to a lady you feel is out of your league. She'll be flattered.

    Mystery is also encoded in the meaning of blue rose flowers. You could send blue roses anonymously to someone you are secretly admiring.

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