Blue Spruce Christmas Tree

Qualities of a live or fresh cut blue spruce Christmas tree. White spruce info as well. Buy artificial Picea pungens Christmas trees here. Order a spruce pre-lit Christmas tree online.

Blue spruce tree in a landscape.

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Live blue spruce trees range in color from dark green to blue-green. The needles are very stiff and grow to a length of 1 1/2 inches. They hold well on the tree in general but will drop if the tree is staged in a warm room. They give off an unpleasant smell when crushed.

The branches are sturdy enough to hold heavy Christmas ornaments.

The blue spruce is the state tree of both Utah and Colorado.

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White Spruce

Black HIlls spruce tree.

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This is Picea glauca 'Densata'. Its dark grayish green foliage is what sets it apart from other blue spruce trees. It is a dense conifer which will maintain its shape without very much help from you.

The Black Hills spruce will reach a mature height of 40 or more feet but it will take decades to do so as it grows less than 1 foot per year.

Plant it in full sun in moist, free draining soil for best growth. It will also tolerate dry soil when established.

This evergreen tree will provide a beautiful year-round color accent in landscape designs in zones 2-6.

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Colorado Blue Spruce Bonsai Tree  (picea pungens glauca)

Colorado Blue Spruce Bonsai Tree (picea pungens glauca)

The needle color of a Colorado Blue Spruce tree can range from teal to silvery blue. This is an outdoor bonsai but it can be displayed indoors for the length of the holiday season.

Keep it in full sun outdoors and in the brightest, coolest area you can indoors.

This is the perfect Christmas tree for you if you truly do not have room for a larger tree. Storage is no problem. The tree goes back outside after Christmas.

The needles are evergreen and the tiny tree will bear cones.

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Autograph Foliages C70511 9 ft. Fl Blue Spruce Needle

Autograph Foliages C70511 9 ft. Fl Blue Spruce Needle

This 9 foot tall frosted artificial blue spruce Christmas tree features 2,211 tips, 1,200 clear lights and 133 cones. It stands on a wire base.

Autograph Foliages C80210 4.5 ft. Blue Spruce Tree

Autograph Foliages 4.5 ft. Blue Spruce Tree

The life-like blue green needles of this tree are made of PVC.

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