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Bonsai fertilizer. Bonsai tree food. How often to apply bonsai tree fertilizer. Types of bonsai tree fertilizers. Organic bonsai plant food. Bonsai food tips.

Bonsai Pro Fertilizer

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Because bonsai trees grow in such a small amount of soil, bonsai food must be continually supplied.

Bonsai Tree Fertilizer Form

Powders: Organic bonsai fertilizers are available in the form of a mineralized powder. These give good results when sprinkled on top of the bonsai tree soil. The powder will gradually dissolve each time the plant is watered providing long and short term benefits. Bone and blood meal are examples of powdered bonsai plant food.

Liquids: Dilute liquid bonsai food to 1/4 its normal strength. Apply every 10-12 days during warm weather. Liquid organic bonsai fertilizers work well but some of these have a strong odor. You might want to save fish emulsion or compost tea for outdoor bonsai trees.

Bonsai Tree Fertilizer Pellets or Granules: Solid fertilizers can be used but they may cause mold to grow on the surface of the soil. And they sometimes give off an unpleasant odor. This will not be noticeable outdoors but can be offensive when used in the home.

Bonsai Plant Food Tips

Crystal/Pokon Fertilizer

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It is best to alternate between forms throughout the growing season.

For outdoor bonsai trees, cut back on bonsai tree fertilizers during rainy weather to prevent the growth of weak twigs.

If your bonsai tree’s leaves turn yellow but the veins remain green, it has chlorosis. This is caused by an iron deficiency.

Add chelated iron to the plants water to cure it. The yellow leaves will not turn green again so you may as well remove them. The iron will cause healthy new leaves to grow in and remain green.

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