Bonsai Trimming
Bonsai Pruning

Bonsai trimming. Bonsai pruning instructions. Bonsai tree trimming. Directions for trimming bonsai branches.

Pruning Small Bonsai with Scissors
Pruning Small Bonsai with Scissors

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Bonsai tree trimming is an important part of caring for bonsai plants. To carry this out you will need a good set of bonsai garden tools. Tools are often included in bonsai tree kits. You can also purchase them separately wherever bonsai supplies are sold.

Pruning and wiring are at the center of the bonsai art. Of the two, pruning is the most important.

It is by pruning that an otherwise large tree is kept small. All the unnecessary portions are cut away, leaving only beauty.

Bonsai tree trimming is carried out regularly throughout the life of the plant. Wiring is only necessary when the tree is young, to shape it.

Pruning Bonsai

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Make sure your bonsai pruning shears are clean and sharp. Dull bonsai scissors crush stems and dirty scissors can spread disease.

As with a large plant, the first cuts you make are to take away any dead, broken or crossing branches.

Do not make your bonsai trimming cuts flush with the tree's trunk but leave a tiny stub (about 1/8 of an inch). A larger stub will be unsightly and flush cuts have a difficult time healing.

Now, think about the finished size of the bonsai. How big of a bonsai pot will it be living in? This will help you decide how much of the top to cut away. You must balance the top with the size of the root ball. You also do not want the pot falling over which it will do if the tree is top heavy.

Select the main stem. This will be the bonsai's trunk. Now remove all the excess branches growing from this main trunk/stem.

Remove any branch that is growing directly opposite another branch. This will give your tree a more natural appearance.

Remember,you are trying to produce the effect of gnarly old age in a young plant. Decide how many main branches you want growing from the trunk and how far apart you'd like them to be spaced. Now, remove every branch that fails to conform to what you see in your mind's eye.

I'm sorry I can't be more specific but bonsai is a very individual expression. Your bonsai tree will be unlike any other. This is, in part, what makes these miniature trees so special.

Take your time. The tree isn't going anywhere.

Think twice and cut once, but don't let fear of making a mistake paralyze you. One of the things I like best about plants is their resilience. Mistakes are rarely fatal.

If you cut too much off, set the plant aside and wait a few weeks. It will usually grow back.

Pruning Bonsai Tree Branches

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The major shaping of most trees should be performed in fall, winter or early spring, before active growth begins. This is also the time when deciduous trees will be dormant. Bonsai trimming is much easier when there are fewer leaves in the way.

Prune flowering trees right after they finish blooming

When you shorten the branches, understand that new growth will form behind your cuts. With this in mind, cut just above a bud (those little bumps along the stem) that is facing in the direction you want the new twigs to grow in.

Don't worry if this makes no sense to you now. Just cut the branches back to the desired length. You'll see what I mean when the new growth begins. You can make corrective cuts then.

Bonsai Leaf Pruning Instructions

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This is a type of bonsai trimming that is done to nonflowering deciduous trees to make them produce smaller leaves and better fall color.

Carry this task out in early summer.

Simply cut off all or most of the leaves leaving the leaf stalks or petioles attached. After a few weeks, the petioles will drop and new, smaller growth will appear.

Bonsai Turntable Indoor or Outdoor

Bonsai Turntable Indoor or Outdoor

The construction of this turntable lends itself to outdoor as well as indoor use. Steel ball bearings are well protected from moisture to resist rusting, and a large coin-slot screw provides ready access for cleaning and maintenance. A convenient thumb-screw locks the table into the desired position for convenience in bonsai trimming. 6" diameter grained top surface reduces slipping and holds over 25 pounds without binding.

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Bonsai Training
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