Bonsai Watering Instrucitons

Bonsai watering instructions. Bonsai tree watering guide. Watering bonsai trees in summer and winter. Watering bonsai plants indoors and outdoors. Bonsai watering can.

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Proper watering is an important part of bonsai tree care. Because of the small amount of soil they are grown in, bonsai plants can go into drought stress very quickly if they are allowed to dry out.

If a tree dries out, place the bonsai tree pot into a sink of water for a couple of hours. This will allow the bonsai potting soil to become moist all the way through. Just make sure you drain all the excess water away before placing the pot back into the display area.

Check the soil frequently.

Rainwater is the best water for any plant. Allow tap water to stand for several hours before using it for watering a bonsai tree. Avoid using water which has been softened for watering bonsai.

Watering Bonsai in Summer

Brass Watering Can - 2 Pints

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During hot weather, outdoor bonsai may need to be watered twice a day.

Water bonsai trees early in the morning or just before dusk. You don't want to risk wetting the leaves while the sun is hot upon them. They might burn.

Bonsai house plants will also require more frequent watering during warm weather.

Watering Bonsai Trees in Winter

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Both indoor and outdoor bonsai should be kept drier during cold weather.

Winter bonsai tree watering should be completed before midday so that any excess moisture has time to drain away or evaporate before the night frost.

Bonsai Watering Can

Green Metal Watering Can  - 2 Pints

Order a Green Metal Watering Can - 2 Pints

Any watering can with a fine rose will do. You want to simulate a gentle rainfall.

The holding capacity of the can depends on the size of your bonsai collection. A 2 liter can will suffice for just a few plants.

Garden watering cans for bonsai also come in handy for watering seedlings.

Mist n' Pour

Mist n' Pour

Taking care of your bonsai trees and house plants is now a lot easier with Mist n' Pour, a 15" tall spray bottle with a spout. You can water and mist at the same time without additional equipment. The bottle's ergonomic design provides an easy, natural hold for extra comfort and control. The large capacity container will hold 68 fluid ounces and features both metric and ounce calibrations -- allowing plant foods, pesticides and herbicides to be measured and mixed right inside the bottle.

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