Brandywine Tomato

Lycopersicon lycopersicum

Pink Brandywine tomato. Growing yellow, red and black Brandywine heirloom tomatoes. How to grow heritage tomatoes. Tomato Brandywine plants.

"Tomato, Brandywine Pink 1 Pkt. (50 seeds)"

The pink Brandywine beefsteak tomato was the first to emerge. It is an open pollinated heritage tomato with the potato leaf.

The fruit of this indeterminate tomato vine is large (1 lb. or more) with ribbed, green shoulders. It is prone to cracking but the flavor is wonderful if you plant the seeds of a good strain.

The variety has been traced back to Ohio but may not have originated there. The original Quisenberry/Sudduth strain quickly became popular among home growers who saved and shared their own seeds. Thus, many different strains have developed. Some exhibiting better qualities than others.

Yellow Brandywine Tomato

This is a strongly flavored, gold-skinned version of the pink Brandywine. This indeterminate tomato plant also bears the potato leaf.

There is a Platfoot Brandywine yellow tomato strain which is reputed to be higher yeilding than the original yellow strain.

Brandywine Red Tomato

Red Brandywine fruit is a bit smaller than the pink or yellow varieties. It is slightly ribbed, crack resistant, and tends not to display green shoulders. The flavor is at least as good as that of the other colors. Many gardeners consider it to be the best flavored of the lot.

The indeterminate vines bear heavily and have the normal tomato leaf.

This variety originated on farms in Chester County, PA in 1885.

There is a potato leaved Brandywine red tomato strain as well.

Black Brandywine

This is an unstable strain which produces smaller fruit than all the others. The purple fruit is crack prone with ribbed shoulders. The flavor varies.

The indeterminate tomato plants appear with either potato or regular tomato leaves. It is thought to be an accidental cross between the pink Brandywine and the Cherokee Purple heirloom tomato.

How to Grow Tomato Brandywine

Space the plants 3-4 feet apart in full sun and well draining, composted soil.

See How to Stake Tomatoes for information on tomato supports as the tall growing vines will need to be trellised or staked.

Expect these big tomatoes to begin to ripen in 70-80 days.

The best way to use the fruit is fresh in a salad, sliced in a tomato sandwich, and as a canning tomato.

This heritage tomato is not as disease resistant as a modern hybrid variety or even other heirloom tomato plants but the flavor makes it worth growing anyway.

If you grow them and the flavor is nothing to write home about, you have gotten hold of an inferior strain. Toss the seeds and try buying seed from a different company next season.

Spray the plants with a fungicide to stave off early blight and lime the soil to prevent blossom end rot.

Brandywine Tomato Plants

Brandywine Tomato Plants

Winner of countless taste tests. Heavy producer of big, boat-shaped, beefsteak fruits.

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