Brown Turkey Fig Tree

Ficus carica Edible Fig Brown Turkey Variety

The fruit of the Brown Turkey fig tree (a.k.a Texas Everbearing) is richly flavored and delicious. The tree is drought tolerant once established and will only need occasional watering.

Sounds like the perfect backyard fig.

Photo Brown Turkey fig tree.  Brown Turkey fig leaf and fruit.

You just don't want this fig tree growing too close to your house. Ficus carica 'Brown Turkey' can grow to 30 feet. Its root system is extremely invasive. If planted too near the foundation of your home it can and will crack the concrete. I don't even want to think of the damage the branch-sized roots of a mature brown turkey could do to the pipes in a septic drainage field.

Even if you have this fig tree growing in a large lawn, the roots will tend to grow on top of the ground.

If you ever need to remove a Brown Turkey fig, take care to get every bit of root out of the soil. Any piece you leave with sprout into a new tree.

If your yard is small, keep this fig in a pot. In a large yard, the big fuzzy leaves will cast a welcoming summer shade.The Brown Turkey bears two crops a year--in spring and late summer. The late summer crop is the heaviest.

The flesh of Brown Turkey figs is pinkish-red. People eat them fresh or make fig jam out of them.

Ficus carica 'Brown Turkey' is best grown in zones 7-10 and is very popular in the American South. It enjoys some popularity among northern gardeners who go to great lengths to protect it during the cold winters.

Sometimes just storing the dormant tree in an unheated garage is enough. If not, try wrapping the tree in heavy paper insulated with dried leaves. These measures have pulled trees as far north as New York through.

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Fig - Brown Turkey, Ficus carica 'Brown Turkey', has the longest ripening season of the recommended varieties. The fruit is medium to large, with a reddish-brown skin tinged with purple. The pulp is reddish-pink and of good quality.

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