Can Echinacea Cure Acne?

Can Echinacea cure acne? Echinacea with goldenseal and acne. The proper dosage of Echinacea when using it to treat acne. How long can you take echinacea?

What is Echinacea Herb?

Echinacea herb is made from the roots (and sometimes the leaves and flowers) of the Echinacea plant.

This plant contains substances which:

  • stimulate the immune system
  • reduce inflammation
  • strengthen blood vessels
  • increase the activity of white blood cells
  • stimulate the body’s production of interferon protect the skin from sun damage

Echinacea also contains antibiotic and detoxifying properties. It is most commonly used to reduce the duration and severity of colds.

Echinacea and Acne

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It is echinacea’s antibiotic properties that are of interest to acne sufferers.

Apparently, a bacteria called Propionbacterium has been implicated in acne outbreaks. Propionbacterium colonizes the oil glands of acne prone skin causing inflammation and the production of pus.

Severe infections spread into the surrounding skin and produce cysts. Even in cases where the primary cause of the acne is hormonal, this bacteria is still present.

A toxic colon can also encourage skin eruptions.

Taking an echinacea supplement or combination like echinacea with goldenseal (another antibiotic herb) may reduce the numbers of Propionbacterium in the skin and the number of acne lesions. As an added benefit, the echinacea would also reduce the toxicity that aggravates acne prone skin.

Using Echinacea to Treat Acne

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You can use echinacea herb both internally and topically. There are several helpful preparations on the market. You can use a face cleanser containing echinacea root extract and then smooth on a soothing echinacea cream to reduce redness and inflammation.

Better results can be obtained by drinking echinacea tea or taking an echinacea supplement or vitamin combination while using the topical preparations. A goldenseal echinacea herb supplement would be of even greater benefit.

Zinc echinacea combinations may be of particular benefit to acne sufferers as low zinc levels have been linked to break outs.

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Dosage of Echinacea to Use

The vast majority of people can use echinacea root extract without a problem, but a small percentage of people are allergic to it.

In the interest of safety, start with the lowest possible dose. Take this amount once a day for the first 2 days and watch yourself for any adverse reaction.

If you are allergic to echinacea you will know it after the first or second dose.

The dosage most commonly used in echinacea research is 500-1,000 milligram capsules taken 3 times per day for up to a week. The dosage of echinacea is based on body weight. If you are under 18 or weigh less than 150 lbs., take the lower dose.

Echinacea may not be effective on children under 12.

How Long Can You Take Echinacea?

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No antibiotic—natural or otherwise—should be taken for long periods of time. This applies to goldenseal and echinacea as well. Antibiotics kill bacteria indiscriminately, including the beneficial bacteria your digestive tract needs to function properly. Also, there is some evidence that echinacea becomes ineffective with long term use.

Take it for 7-10 days. Then, take a break for at least a week before taking it again. It might be a good idea to supplement with probiotics after taking echinacea to restore the natural balance in the digestive tract.

So, in conclusion, can echinacea cure acne?

I don’t believe so. Cure is too strong a word. Cure suggests that after taking echinacea you will never have another out break. I have not uncovered a study which suggests that this is the case.

What I am convinced of is that echinacea preparations have a beneficial effect on acne prone skin. Used judiciously, echinacea, with or without goldenseal, can help acne sufferers to obtain much clearer (if not blemish-free) skin.

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