Care and Propagation for Ylang Ylang Plants

by Thom Walker Jr
(Fort Myers Fl)

Ylang Ylang Tree

Ylang Ylang Tree

I have 4 mature Ylang Ylang trees. I have sparingly used fertilizer under 8 and not less than 6 once a year. I have not pruned.

I would like to know how to propagate.

Currently, I am collecting dark or black berries and will cover with rich organic material in a large tub. I plan on leaving the container in a bright shaded area and maybe in a year they will grow.

I plan to air layer branches with sphagnum moss, wrap in clear plastic as saran wrap and tape the ends. I believe they will root in a year also.

My third method would be to take cutting, prepared as most others I have from other species. They would be put in a large container with rich organic matter, placed in a bright shaded area for one year also.

I have mature trees, 30-20 foot, with flowers mostly year round.

I have not been successful in finding a detailed publication with the care of Ylang Ylang plants. Please give me your best information on what I am about to do and what I have done.

Thom Walker Jr

Botanical Journeys Plant Guides

You seem to have the propagation of the Cananga odorata or Chanel No 5 perfume tree well covered.

The tree in the photo you submitted looks healthy and beautiful. Your yard must smell amazing!

All I can add is that, when starting a Ylang Ylang tree from seed, take the seed from overripe fruit.

Clean it, dry it and plant it as soon as possible as it loses viability quickly.

Plant the seeds half an inch deep and keep them shaded and moist. They should sprout in about 3 months.

The following page will guide you in the care of these lovely trees.

Ylang Ylang Tree

I was not able to find a book just about Ylang Ylang but a few pages in The Evening Garden by Peter Loewer are devoted to this magical plant.

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