Care of Pagoda Plant

by Corianne
(Austin, TX)

Pagoda Plant

Pagoda Plant

I got a piece of this from a friend's house. I stuck it in a pot of soil and, what do ya know, it grew! The problem is, I'm not sure what to do with it now.

I don't know the correct name of the plant. My friend calls it the pagoda plant.

Hers grows in a clump about 4 feet tall b 5 feet wide. The leaves are huge and dark green. The flowers form above the leaves in big spires. The are bright orange and very attention getting. It grows fast.

I hope you know what plant I'm talking about.

Plant Guides Answer

Thanks for giving such a detailed description. I'm almost certain I know what you've got.

It's either Clerodendrum paniculatum which is commonly called pagoda flower or Clerodendrum speciosissimum which is called Java glorybower.

They are nearly identical in appearance and require the same care.

This is not a house plant. It gets way too big to keep inside. It can be grown in a large pot inside a greenhouse if space allows. The pot will restrict its growth somewhat.

Plant it outside in shade to part sun. It's a heavy drinker with those lush leaves, so water it regularly.

The more sun it gets, the more water it will take to keep it from drooping. Water it less during the cool season.

Feed it only in late spring and summer.
You can cut it back between flushes of bloom to keep it in bounds. Be careful not to destroy any new flower buds.

The pagoda flower is root hardy in zones 8b-11. In zones 8b and 9, you can expect it to freeze to the ground each winter and return in the spring. In zones 10 and 11 it is evergreen.

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