Care of Petunia Flowers

by Sebi
( Rajahmundry,Andhra Pradesh.,India)

I have bought 3 petunia plants with purple, pink and maroon flowers,all having white streaks and 2 inches diameter.

Their flowers dried up and after 15 days of buying them the plants have dried up with hardly any green stems now. I have watered them regularly.

Kindly help.

Plant Guides Answer

What you have described sounds like heat exhaustion. Most petunias don't like extremely hot weather. When they've had enough of it they turn brown and die.

Because of this, those of us who garden in hot summer areas tend to grow petunias only in early spring and late fall. We keep them until they give up the ghost and then replace them with something more heat tolerant.

Petunia Surfinia, Supertunias (also called super petunias) and some of the cascading petunias are heat tolerant petunias. You might have better luck with those types.

If, when you watered the plants, you noticed a cloud of gray spores puffing up from the soil; this indicates a fungal disease was present.

There is no cure, you just have to toss the plants and start over with something else.

Petunias are vulnerable to certain diseases so it is best not to plant them where another plant died of a disease the season before. If you're using petunias in an annual container garden, be sure to use fresh potting soil and you might want to sterilize the container with a mild bleach and water solution before you plant them.

Click on the link below to go to a page with more information about petunia diseases.

Petunia Pests

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