China Doll Rose

The 'China Doll' rose is a small (18 inches tall) Polyantha shrub rose. Rosa 'China Doll' covers itself in large clusters of pink flowers from spring to fall. 'China Doll' roses emit tea rose fragrance.

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'China Doll' was hybridized by Lammerts in the U.S. and introduced in 1946. Its clusters of cupped, 1-2 inch blooms have won 43 Polyantha Spray awards since 1998.

These flowers appear on low, upright growing, mounded shrubs dressed in healthy, leathery foliage with 5 leaflets.

Identification Tip:

Each blossom contains 24 petals and each petal is yellow at its base.

The flowers are followed by small orange hips.

This is a very tough hybrid Polyantha. It does not need much care. Just feed it once each spring. Keep the old blooms trimmed off and it will reward you with flush after magnificent flush of bloom.

The rosy flowers are produced on old wood.

This rose looks great when used to edge a flower border. Space plants 18-24 inches apart to form a low hedge.

Recommended for USDA zones 5a-10b.

China Doll rose, weeping sport grown as a focal point shrub.

This is 'Climbing China Doll' syn 'Weeping China Doll', the weeping sport of the original rose.

This plant makes a fine weeping tree rose, but it does not repeat as reliably as its parent.

Also, please note that its flowers are not as lavender-colored as they appear to be in this image. China Doll's blossoms start out the shade that you see at the top of this page; pink with purple or lavender undertones. They fade, with age, to blush.

China Doll's Parentage:

'Mrs. Dudley Fulton' x 'Tom Thumb'

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