Citrus Fertilizer Question

I was just wondering, can you please explain to me what a super phosphate fertilizer might be? I would love to try it in the spring!

I have about 9 citrus in 1/2 barrels and fertilize about every other month (summer only) 12-6-4. I use about 1 to 1 & 1/2 cups. But in spring time, I don't get many flowers, some but not lots!

What kind of fertilizer would help?

Plant Guides Answer:

You are on the right track with super phosphate. Super phosphate or Triple phosphate is a white powder that is usually sold in 3 lb. bags.

You can purchase it at nearly any garden center or feed store.

The fertilizer you are using is too nitrogen rich (the first number) to promote bloom. Phosphate encourages blooming in all flowering plants.

A commercial citrus grower advised me to use super phosphate on my citrus trees each spring and summer to get them to bloom heavily and set better crops.

She also told me that if I fed my lemons and calamondins on a monthly basis during the growing season, they would bloom almost continuously!

You can believe that after hearing this I went straight to the feed store and got myself a bag of super phosphate.

I used it on the citrus trees in my yard that spring. Within 6 weeks, they were all blooming like crazy. I made a second application to only the sour citrus in mid summer and found that what the citrus grower told me was true. I had flowers and fruit on my Meyer lemon and calamondin trees at the same time that year.

It doesn't take much. Just sprinkle a couple of tablespoons onto the soil in the barrels and water it in. I gave my in-ground trees a couple of handfuls each.

As long as your trees are not showing signs of nutrient deficiencies, you may continue feeding them whatever plant food you currently use.

If you think they may be deficient (yellowing leaves, etc.) switch to a food labeled as a "citrus fertilizer". This will contain all the trace elements that some types of citrus trees require.

You'll find more information about citrus care on the following pages: Growing Lemon Trees in Pots and Lemon Tree Care

Primal Harvest Natural Organic Bloom Fertilizer Powder 0 - 12 - 1, 4 lb bag: J

This is a good organic high phosphorous or bloom boosting fertilizer that you can purchase online if you can't find super phosphate locally.

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