Citrus Leaves Turning Yellow What Do They Need?

by Sal
(Palmdale, CA)

I am in California. I have a few citrus trees that I'm having a problem with. The leaves are all turning yellow. Well, not all the leaves. But a lot of them. Why is this happening? I first noticed it about a month ago.

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I don't know what the weather has been like in California over the past month, but it's been getting cold here in Florida. It has also been raining a lot which is not typical of a Florida winter.

Citrus leaves turn yellow for a number of reasons.

1. Age. As each leaf gets old, it will turn yellow before falling off.

2. Too much water will cause yellowing in citrus leaves.

3. Not enough water will do likewise.

4. Cold weather. The leaves turn yellow and drop when it gets cold outside. Certain types of citrus trees do this more than others. My Meyer lemon tree drops most of its leaves each winter. My grapefruit tree hardly drops any at all. My calamondin tends to retain the majority of its leaves as well, but calamondin is one of the hardiest varieties of citrus.

5. Lack of iron or some other nutrient. Citrus requires iron and certain other nutrients in its diet. Try switching to a "citrus" food in the spring.

Once you have correctly identified and corrected the problem, the new leaves will come in green and healthy.

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Oct 28, 2010
White Grapefruit Tree leaves turning yellow
by: Ted

We planted a white grapefruit tree last spring. It has grown a foot or so and has 4 tennis ball sized fruits on it. It looks healthy but all of the leaves have turned yellow. I fertilized it with a citrus fruit fertilizer today (October 28, 2010). Are there any special precautions or treatments we should give it through the Gulf Breeze Florida (in the panhandle) winter?


Botanical Journeys Plant Guides

Grapefruit trees are a little tender for the panhandle. You will need to protect them from frost during their first few years in the ground.

Wrap the trunk with Christmas lights or use a frost cover.

Planket Plant Cover ? 6? Diameter - 4 pack

Then pray for a few warm winters.

Your grapefruit tree will become more hardy with age. If it makes it through 7 or 8 winters, you're home free.

Good luck.

Jul 28, 2010
by: Svetlana Siberia Russia

Thank you.

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