Earthwise Electric Pole Saw Chainsaw Fails to Make the Cut

Honest Earthwise 2in1 corded electric pole saw chainsaw review. The good online reviews for this convertible electric chainsaw convinced me to buy it. Now, I wish I hadn't bothered.

Read what I have to say before you buy a saw that won't make the cut.

Earthwise pole saw box.

When our gas-powered chainsaw recently gave up the ghost, we decided that instead of buying another just like it, we would invest in a pole saw.

Several of our trees had become somewhat overgrown and we wanted to raise the canopies a little and thin them out.

Over the years, we've used gas-powered and cordless electric garden tools. We like the power of gas but we don't like the messiness and smelliness of gasoline. Our Black & Decker cordless electric tools have held up beautifully, but you've got to remember to charge the batteries before you can use them and they are not as powerful as their gas-powered equivalents.

A corded electric saw seemed like a good option.

Like most people, I don't buy new tools without first reading the online reviews.

The Earthwise 2in1 electric pole saw suffers from no shortage of rave reviews.

Its reviewers speak of it in glowing terms. They talk about how easy it is to assemble, how lightweight it is once assembled and how easily it slices through branches.

It sounded like just the tool we needed. "If I buy this saw," I told myself, "Tiny will have this yard whipped into shape in an afternoon."

I ordered it from using the ship-to-store option.

Assembling the Earthwise Electric Pole Saw Chainsaw

Earthwise electric pole saw chainsaw pole assembly image

The pole snaps together easily.

Earthwise electric pole saw chain assembly  pic

Attaching Earthwise saw to housing.

Earthwise electric chainsaw assembly pic.

This is the piece you attach to the chainsaw to use it without the pole.

Attaching the pole to the chainsaw.

The assembled chainsaw snaps onto the pole easily.

Earthwise electric pole saw pole assembly pic.

Earthwise electric pole saw chainsaw assmbly pic

Next, you've got to place the chain on the saw and attache the saw to the housing.

This is the most challenging part of assembling this electric pol saw and it wasn't hard to do, just a little fiddly.

Electric chainsaw assembly pic.

Completely assembled Earthwise electric pole saw chainsaw.

The one thing I can say in favor of this corded electric pole saw is that it is very easy to put together. It is also easy to convert it from a pole saw to a chainsaw and back again. Oh, and it seems to be well constructed.

I guess that's 3 things.

The Earthwise Electric Pole Saw in Use

Tiny using the Earthwise to trim our red maple tree.

You can see how thin the branch is in this picture. Based on the review we had read, we expected this saw to slice through it easily.

It didn't.

It did manage to remove this branch but it took several minutes to accomplish this. Tiny also mentioned to me that the saw was not that light. It was tiring to hold it up for the length of time necessary to cut anything.

We tried to cut limbs from 4 different types of trees that day. We wanted to give this tool every chance to win us over--to prove to us that it was worth the $100+ we spent on it.

No such luck.

The only branches this thing would cut were those small enough to be pruned with a long-handled lopper. I'm not going to get this monster out for those. I'll just use my loppers.

Perhaps I shouldn't say that it wouldn't cut thicker branches. Technically, it would. It just would not do so in a reasonable time frame.

After trimming just 2 or 3 branches, Tiny gave up. His arms were getting too tired. Mind you, this is a man who routinely goes out and cuts entire trees to the ground with a gas chainsaw. He then cuts the wood into 4 foot lengths and stacks it on the curb for pick-up. He's no 90 lb. weakling.

In our determination to find something this electric pole saw could be used for, we decided to try cutting vines with it.

I foolishly planted a passion vine out back more than a decade ago. I have been fighting to keep it from swallowing my back woods whole ever since.

None of our other tools are equal to it.

Tiny took the Earthwise back there and cut through the vines fairly easily. Then all I had to do was wait for the severed vines to shrivel and pull them down.

I thought I had finally found a job this tool could do for us but I was wrong.

The manual that comes with the Earthwise electric pole saw explicitly warns users against using it to cut vines. It says that using it in this fashion constitutes a safety risk.

My Final Word on the Earthwise Electric Pole Saw Chainsaw

In my opinion, this saw doesn't make the cut. I'm out more than 100 bones and I still need my trees thinned. I'll be buying something else.

I'll let you know how the new saw works out.

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