Feeding Potted Fruit Trees

by susan

I have dwarf peach, nectarine, apple and cherry trees. They are in pots. Do I have to feed them and, if so, what with?

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That sounds like quite a nice little orchard you have started, Susan.

Unlike in-ground trees which can sometimes fend for themselves (if they are planted on fertile soil) fruit trees growing in containers must be fed several times per year.

This is because of the limited amount of soil that their roots have access to. They can't spread deeper or wider in search of food or water. They are completely dependent on you.

Each one of these fruits has slightly different nutritional needs but, for the sake of simplicity, I recommend fertilizing them all the same way for the next year or so and watching them closely.

If one of your trees grows too quickly, skip a feeding for that tree.

You will find instructions for fertilizing potted apple trees here.

An even simpler solution is to push a few (2 or 3 depending on the size of the tree) fruit tree fertilizer stakes into the soil in each pot.

These stakes can be found at just about any garden center. They are cheap and easy to use and they really do work.

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