Feijoa sellowiana

I have 7 of the Feijoa sellowiana planted as a hedge which are about 2 years old and over a meter in height. But I have not had any flowers or fruit yet.

I also have 2 wiki tu, 2 triumph and 2 apollo. (they are all self fertile?)

Is there another variety which would be best to cross pollinate with the Feijoa sellowiana?

They are all looking healthy. I have had fruit from the other 6 fruit trees the last two years, big and juicy! just nothing from the Feijoa sellowiana. All 13 were planted at the same time.

Thank you

Plant Guides Answer:

If your pineapple guava trees have not flowered yet, then this is not a pollination issue.

Wiki Tu and Triumph need a pollinator. Apollo is self-fertile. You won't find out for certain if your Apollos will pollinate the other varieties until they all begin to flower.

I used to have one of these beautiful plants in my backyard. I grew it from a rooted cutting. It took several years to mature and bloom. It was twice the size of yours when it first flowered.

If the plants are healthy, I suspect they just need a little more time.

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