Ficus Elastica

by Loretta
(Houston, TX)

Why do the leaves of my rubber tree plant fall off?

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It is normal for plant leaves to drop after they become old. Usually they will turn yellow before they fall when advanced age is the cause.

Some plants drop leaves in response to cold weather. Deciduous trees are the most dramatic example of this type of leaf drop but evergreens shed leaves in the winter as well.

Other plants, like your Ficus elastica are sensitive to any change in their growing conditions.

If you have moved the plant or changed its watering schedule, it may have shed its leaves in protest.

When a Ficus drops its leaves, it will usually drop all its leaves. This is understandably alarming to gardeners but it isn't really cause for worry.

Once the fig tree acclimates to its new growing conditions, the leaves will grow back. The tree will suffer no permanent harm from this happening.

Rubber Tree Plant will give you more information about the care of this type of Ficus tree.

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