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Find all types of fig trees for sale here. Edible, easy-to-grow fig varieties. Buy fig trees for planting outdoors in the ground or in containers. Common and hard-to-find fig plants for sale.

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Figs come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Each type of fig has its own unique flavor. Because fig fruit is so perishable, you don't often find them for sale at the market.

The best way to sample and enjoy this nearly perfect food is to grow them yourself.

Growing figs is not at all difficult (especially when you know the few tricks it takes to get them to bear abundantly).

Figs like lots of sun, water at the right times--hold back when the fruit is ready to harvest--and a yearly sprinkling of horticultural lime.

They are very easy fruits to cultivate when you provide them with these 3 ingredients.

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Brown Turkey Fig
from: Nature Hills Nursery, Inc.

Peter's Honey Green Fig Tree
from: Nature Hills Nursery, Inc.

Info to Help You Choose a Fig Variety

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  • Brown Turkey is probably the most commonly grown fig in the U.S. This is because of its adaptability to so many different soils and climates. It grows and produces well nation wide.

    If you would like more information about growing the Brown Turkey fig, click here.
  • Black Mission is a Spanish fig. The dark, sweet fruit is great eaten out-of-hand or preserved in your favorite fig jam recipe. This self-fruitful fig needs 100 chill hours to set fruit.

    If you would like more info about growing Black Mission figs, click here.
  • One of the hardiest fig varieties (USDA zone 6), Desert King will hold its breba crop through spring frosts and this tree's top growth will tolerate lower winter temps without dying back.

    The green figs will fool the birds in your yard but the squirrels will not be so easily deceived.

    Requires 100 chill hours and is self-fruitful.
  • Osborne Prolific is a slow growing fig tree perfect for pot culture or growing in a small space. Its big fuzzy leaves will add interest to a sunny porch or patio and the purplish fruit is decorative as well.

    Produces 2 crops per year of some of the best tasting figs you'll ever eat. The flavor is sweet and complex.

    Trees grow to 6 feet in height and are hardy outdoors into zone 7a. Needs 100 chill hours and will produce without being cross pollinated.
  • Texas Blue Giant figs are huge with a sweet, rich flavor. This fig tree loves heat and will thrive in the steamy south or desert areas that don't get too cold.

    Hardy in zones 7-11.
  • Celeste is a close-eyed variety which is good for rainy climates and the tree I have the most personal experience with. The fruit is small but intensely sweet and delicious.

    You can make dried figs with them but I must confess that I never have. I love them so much fresh that there are never enough left to dry.
  • Kadota figs are even more green than Desert King figs when ripe. They need heat to ripen but are very sweet when they do. Good for fresh eating, preserving or drying. A great all-purpose fruit on a vigorous tree.

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