Freezing Tomatoes

What You Can and Cannot Do with Frozen Tomatoes

Simple tips for freezing tomatoes the easy way. How to freeze tomatoes so that they don't all clump together. What to do with frozen tomatoes. What not to do with them. Preparing tomatoes for the freezer.

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Freezing is the quickest way to preserve your home grown tomatoes. It is also the best way to save tomatoes for sauce or tomato canning if you don't have enough fruit ripening at one time.

Wash the fresh fruit. You can peel tomatoes before or after freezing the whole fruit. If you plan to freeze diced tomatoes, peel them first or you'll have little bits of skin floating around in whatever you cook with them.

Remove the stem scar with a paring knife.

How to Freeze Tomatoes

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Spread the fruits out evenly on a greased cookie sheet and pop it into the freezer until the tomatoes are frozen solid. Then transfer them from the cookie sheet to a ziplock bag or lidded container.

This way each tomato will be separate. You can remove as many or as few as you need.

Treat diced tomatoes the same way. Later, you'll be able to break off as much as you want to use.

What to Do With Frozen Tomatoes

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Frozen tomatoes turn watery and mushy when thawed. For this reason, they should not be substituted for fresh tomatoes. They also do not broil or roast well.

You can cut whole tomatoes up more easily if you do it while they are still at least partially frozen. If the skin is still on, this is also the time to remove it. Just rub the skins off under running water.

You can drop the tomato chunks into soups and stews still frozen or you can put them into the blender to thaw. Then puree them before using in tomato sauce recipes or adding to cream of tomato soup.

Freezing Tomatoes & Canning Tomatoes

Frozen tomatoes can be canned. Because of the extra water, you may have to cook your canning tomatoes recipes down a while longer to thicken them before processing.

Season the tomatoes just as you would if they were fresh and then can them as you normally would.

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