German Johnson Tomato
Old German Tomato Varieties

The West Virginian heirloom German Johnson tomato is 1 of the plants from which the notorious Mortgage Lifter tomato was bred. The orange and yellow Striped German tomato is an heirloom beefsteak.

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The nearly seedless tomatoes of German Johnson are pink, flat and huge--1 pound plus each. Taste wise, they are on a par with Brandwine.

The vines that these giant tomatoes grow on are no less impressive than the fruits. Expect them to reach 10 feet or more by the end of the season.

These are best planted where you can tie them to a fence or train them up the porch posts. Tomato cages are no match for them.

German Johnson tomatoes resist late blight and the indeterminate, potato-leaved vines are tolerant of heat and humidity.

This old German tomato sets its large crop of fruit late so start plants as early as possible. Good for canning, slicing and eating out-of-hand with a sprinkling of salt.

Striped German Tomato

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The orange fruit of Solanum lycopersicum 'Striped German' is large and flat with ribbed shoulders. In addition to being beautiful, it is juicy and delicious with a complex, fruity flavor.

The 1 lb. plus beefsteak tomatoes will sometimes split if left on the vine until they are completely ripe. Pick them a little early and let them ripen indoors to avoid this.

This is indeterminate late season tomato is a beautiful slicer. Vines will grow to 6 feet tall and bear heavily.

German Pink Tomato

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Old German tomatoes with a tendency toward green shoulders produced on potato leaved vines. The nearly seedless, heirloom beefsteaks weigh in at up to 2 lbs. each.

The lack of seeds make it an especially appealing canning or juicing tomato.

The sweet flavor and tender skin of this variety earned it a place on the US Ark of Taste's list of delicious foods in danger of extinction.

85 days from planting out to harvest.

Bosmere K715 Tomato Planter Bags Green

Bosmere K715 Tomato Planter Bags Green

Easy to use and reuse. Just fill with compost. The bag is deep enough for tomato stakes or a tomato cage. Ideal for peppers, herbs or summer flowers.

Made from wipe clean woven coated polyethylene. Strong webbing handles make it easy to move around. No need to dig.

Amish Paste Tomato
Order Amish Paste tomato seeds here. How to grow Amish Paste tomatoes. At 8-12 inches from stem to blossom end, this may be the largest paste tomato in cultivation.

Seedless Tomatoes
Listing of seedless tomatoes. F1 Hybrid Sweet Seedless tomato seeds. Open-pollinated nearly seedless tomato seeds for Orange Roma, Amish Paste, German Johnson tomatoes and other heirloom varieties.

Heirloom Tomato Seeds
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