Getting Phalaenopis Orchids to Bloom

by Jack
(South Australia)

Hi I am growing Phalaenopsis orchids in a small hot house in Adelaide under shade cloth.

My daughter uses orchids in her wedding florist business. When she removes the flowers, the plant is usually given to the bride who kills it with kindness.

I have decided to take them and try to grow them as a hobby.I am completely hooked on growing moth orchids now, have been for about 3 months. I am getting new leaves on all the plants but have yet to get any spikes.

what time of the year do new spikes appear?

Great to find where you can ask a question.

Regards, Jack

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Hi Jack,

What a great new hobby! Once your plants come into bloom, you're going to be thrilled.

Moth orchids will bloom for months on end. Don't remove the entire flower spike once the first blooms drop because more will often form later. Only cut the brown portions of the spikes off.

A Phalaenopsis needs to be exposed to temperatures in the 60s F. (16-18 C.) in order to initiate spiking.

I talk about this in greater detail on the Phalaenopsis Orchid Care page.

Once a moth orchid finishes blooming, it will need to rest for a couple of months or more before starting to crank out blooms again so you may have to wait a bit longer for your plants to rebloom.

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