Growing Phalaenopsis Orchids Under Lights

by Lori W.
(Shawnee, Kansas)

I have 42 Phalaenopsis orchids which I grow at home at three different windows: two windows face east, one faces west.

The west window has a sheer curtain to protect the orchids from the bright afternoon sun. The orchids are on plastic shelving at the windows and each shelf holds two or three rows of orchids.

I am concerned that the orchids on the second and third rows are not getting enough light to grow leaves and rebloom.

The orchids on the front rows are not getting light from overhead, because their new leaves are growing in the direction of the light instead of laying down on top of the leaves underneath them.

I am considering buying a plant stand with three adjustable shelves and 40 watt fluorescent wide spectrum lights, and putting the orchids under lights after they have finished blooming.

My questions are: Since Phalaenopsis orchids are low light orchids (1,000 to 1,500 foot candles of light), how many fluorescent tubes do I need at each shelf - two or four? And how many inches away from the orchids should I position the fluorescent lights?

Plant Guides Answer:

You must have quite a green thumb to keep that many orchids alive and thriving in your home!

If you decide to use grow lights, use 2 tubes and position them about a foot above the plants.

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