Growing Roma Tomatoes

Lycopersicon lycopersicum

Growing Roma tomatoes. How to grow tomato Roma. Roma bush tomato plants, seeds and growing tips. Roma tomato diseases.

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Since this is a paste tomato which is grown for cooking and canning purposes, you will want to be sure to raise enough plants to yield sufficient fruit for this.

It takes at least 6 Roma tomato plants to produce enough fruit to make sauce.

How to Grow Roma Tomatoes

If you are starting the plants from seed, plant the seed at least 8 weeks prior to your last frost date. Growing Tomatoes from Seed will provide you with instructions for raising tomato plants from seed.

Set the plants out into a garden bed which has been amended with plenty of organic compost. Plant them deep. Bury a few inches of stem. This will cause the plant to form a larger, sturdier root system.

Romas are determinate or bush tomatoes so you can use large tomato cages to support them. They also make good container growing tomatoes but you would have to prepare a lot of pots if you planned to use the fruit for sauce.

This is one of the easiest tomato varieties to grow in the home garden. All it needs is sun, regular water and well composted soil.

Roma Tomato Diseases

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Roma VF tomatoes are resistant to verticillium and fusarium wilt. They are also tolerant of tomato early blight. Blossom end rot can be a problem. To keep this from occurring, sprinkle a little horticultural lime over the planting bed before setting the plants out.

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Roma Tomato Growing Tips
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