Growing Roses from Seed

The pros and cons of growing roses from seed. Simple instructions for growing roses seed. The growing of roses from seed vs growing roses from cuttings.

Close-Up of Dried Wild Rose Fruits on a Cutting Board with a Cup of Rosehip Juice

Close-Up of Dried Wild Rose Fruits on a Cutting Board with a Cup of Rosehip Juice
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Raising roses from seed is only appropriate in 3 situations:

  1. When you are hybridizing or breeding roses.
  2. When you are propagating species roses.
  3. When you are propagating miniature roses.

Trying to replicate your favorite Hybrid Tea rose by planting its seeds is pointless. The resulting plants would not necessarily resemble their spectacular parent and they might not perform well on their own roots.

Species roses, on the other hand, will breed true from seed. You may still prefer to grow them from cuttings as you will end up with a mature plant much sooner than you would when growing roses from seeds.

Rose seeds can take several months to sprout. Once sprouted, they grow very slowly. Growing rose cuttings is quicker and more gratifying for most gardeners.

The exception to this is the miniature rose.

Mini roses grow much more quickly from seed. They do not need to be stratified prior to sowing and the seedlings will often bloom in just a few weeks time.

Growing Roses Seed

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  • Germination of rose seeds--except for miniature roses--can be rather hit and miss so sow more seed than you would when raising other plants.

  • Place the seeds in water. Discard the ones that float as they are most likely empty and sow the sinkers an inch apart and 1/4 inch deep in a flat of seed starting mix.

  • Moisten the mix and place the seed flat into a plastic bag and set it in the refrigerator for 3 months.

    Skip this step when growing mini roses from seeds.

    The rose seed needs to be stratified in the dark at 40 degrees F. You don't have to use a refrigerator to do this. You may have a garage or shed that will serve. Put the flat in a box or paper bag to exclude light.

    April will be the appropriate month to start growing roses from seeds in northern climates. January or February sowing will give better results in the south.

  • After the 3 months of cold stratification, move the seed flat into a bright spot 65-70 degrees F.

  • The first tiny, oval-shaped leaves will appear in 2-3 weeks but many of the seeds will not break dormancy for months.

  • Transplant rose seedlings into individual pots once they have 3 leaves. They may begin to bloom when they are just 5 or 6 inches tall but don't judge the plants by these first flowers. A rose will often produce larger flowers or differently shaped flowers once it matures. Again, mini roses are the exception.

  • At this stage you can cull the unacceptable seedlings and just grow the best ones on. Keep only the most vigorous plants, discard the weak ones. Overwinter the roses you keep in a frost free garage or shed. Evaluate them during the following growing season for disease and insect resistance. Keep the most disease resistant roses.

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