Growing Sweet Potatoes

About growing sweet potatoes. How to grow sweet potatoes in the home vegetable garden. Grow sweet potato vines. Curing and harvesting sweet potatoes.

Growing sweet potatoes in ridged rows.

How to Grow Sweet Potato Vines

Weed the sweet potato patch weekly until the vines are big enough to shade out the weeds.

Apply a thick straw mulch to the rows to protect the newly planted slips.

Sweet potato vines grow quickly. To keep the vines from getting out of bounds, you can pinch the new growth back.

Sweet Potato Greens

Cooking Sweet Potato Leaves

These are quick cooking greens like spinach (they don't taste like spinach). You can chop them roughly and add them to soups or saute them in a little butter with salt.

The important thing to remember is not to take too many leaves from the growing sweet potato plants . The leaves nourish the tubers. If you eat too many, you won't get the large potatoes you will want for your Thanksgiving sweet potato recipes this November.

Harvest Sweet Potato Tubers

Harvesting Sweet Potatoes

When to harvest sweet potatoes. How to get your sweet potato harvest in without damaging the tubers.

Curing Sweet Potatoes

Brush the loose soil off the sweet potatoes and leave them in the sun to dry for several hours. Do not leave them out overnight or you may lose part of your crop to the local wildlife.

The potatoes need to cure for 3 weeks at 70-80 degrees F in a humid area. 50-60 degrees F is the optimum temperature range for long term storage.

Do not wash the sweet potatoes until you remove them from storage to cook them. Eat the bruised or broken ones first as they will not keep well.

Planting Sweet Potatoes
Planting sweet potatoes in the home vegetable garden. How to plant sweet potatoes. Sweet potato planting instructions. Sweet potato slips.

Sweet Potato Nutrition Information
Sweet potato nutrition information. Nutritional value of sweet potatoes. Sweet potato nutrients and calories. Carbs in sweet potatoes. The health benefits of sweet potatoes.

Baking Sweet Potatoes
Baking sweet potatoes in the oven. How to bake sweet potatoes in the microwave. Baking sweet potato fries. Baked sweet potato chips.

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Sweet potato vine plant. Planting and growing sweet potatoes in the home vegetable garden. How to grow ornamental sweet potatoes in the landscape.

Sweet Potato Pie Recipe
My momma's best, fresh sweet potato pie recipe. This homemade sweet potato pie differs from the traditional southern sweet potato pie in that it is not made with canned milk.

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