Harvesting Rose Hips

Harvesting rose hips to use in rose hip recipes or tea. How to harvest rose hip fruit at its peak. When to harvest rose hips for best flavor. Which rose variety is best for growing and harvesting hips.

Dog Rose Hips, Rosa Canina, Coated in Frost, November Highlands, Scotland
Dog Rose Hips, Rosa Canina, Coated in Frost, November Highlands, Scotland

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Rose plants make hips in the fall after they have finished blooming for the season. It is best to wait until the hips have fully colored before picking them.

They vary from bright red to yellow/orange depending on the species.

As the hips ripen they will soften and even shrivel as they dry on the plant. If you plan to use the hips whole, you can wait until they have begun to dry before harvesting them.

Just rinse the partially dried hips in clean water and spread them out on screens to finish drying before you pack them into jars for use in rose hip herb remedies.

If your rose hip recipes or remedies call for prepared rose hips, pick them while they are still firm.

Preparing Rose Hips for Use

  1. Rinse the hips in clean water.

  2. Slice off each end and cut the hips in half with a paring knife.

  3. Scrape out the seeds and irritating fibers in the center of each hip.

  4. Rinse the hips again to be sure of eliminating all these fibers.

  5. Dry or process the prepared hips.

Best Rose for Growing and Harvesting Rose Hips

Rosa Rugosa Hips September
Rosa Rugosa Hips September

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Rosa rugosa makes the largest, tastiest hips of any rose. Apparently rose hips are like collard greens in that frost sweetens them so wait until after the first freeze to harvest them if you want to be assured of the best flavor.

R. villosa, the apple rose, also makes tasty hips.

High Angle View of Apple Roses (Rosa Villosa)
High Angle View of Apple Roses (Rosa Villosa)

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Rose Hips Tea 30 Bags

Rose Hips Tea 30 Bags

Rose Hips (Rosa Rugosa) has been traditionally used for diarrhea, enuresis, frequent urination, spermatorrhea, leucorrhoea, promotes blood circulation, liver pains, mastitis, dysentry, rheumatic pain.

Raw Rose Hip Jam
This quick and easy recipe for rose hip jam does not require you to cook the fruit. Rose hips are most nutritious when raw. Rose hip refrigerator jam preserves their natural vitamin C content.

Organic Rose Hip Oil
About the uses and benefits of organic rose hip oil and organic rose essential oil. Benefits of rose hip oil on scars and aging skin. Buy organic rose hip seed oil and organic essential rose oil here.

Rose Hip Tea Benefits
Rose hip tea benefits. How drinking rose hips tea can improve your health. You can buy organic rose hips or gather wild hips to make rose hips loose tea at home. Rose hips and hibiscus tea.

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