Harvesting Sweet Potatoes

Instructions for harvesting sweet potatoes. When to harvest or dig sweet potatoes. How to harvest sweet potato tubers without damaging them. The proper harvesting of sweet potato roots.

Sweet Potato Harvest
Sweet Potato Harvest

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When to Dig Sweet Potatoes

Harvest sweet potatoes before the first frost. There is no need to wait until the vines die down as you would with Irish potatoes. Use a fork to dig them up instead of a spade and be careful not to puncture the tubers.

It is best to leave the tubers in the ground for at least 4 months after you set the sweet potato slips out. You can begin the harvesting of sweet potatoes at the edges of the rows after 3 months. Just dig up as many as you need at the time and leave the rest to continue growing.

The longer sweet potatoes remain in the soil, the bigger they get.

If an early frost threatens your crop, you can mulch it heavily with straw or dried leaves. This will pull it through a light frost but do not expose the tubers to more cold than this.

Frost bitten sweet potatoes will develop brown spots all through the flesh and will not store well.

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