How Long Do Meyer Lemons Take To Ripen?

I have a Meyer lemon tree in a pot - it looks very healthy. Four lemons are on it in various sizes - all green. The largest one has been there for about 2 months.

When do they start to turn yellow?? Temperature and sun exposure are adequate. It also has many blossoms starting to come plus some new growth of leaves.

Thanks for your help. Maybe I'm impatient.

Sally Blodgett

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It does take patience to wait for citrus fruit to go from fragrant blossoms to ripe, ready-to-harvest fruit.

As you are undoubtedly well aware, the fruits start out as little green marbles. They have to grow to their mature size before beginning to develop their ripe color.

The size of the fruit determines how long this will take.

Meyer lemons will develop more quickly than oranges or grapefruits because they are smaller.

Climate and care also play a role in the development of citrus fruit. Warm weather, regular food and moist soil will give you the best quality lemons in the shortest possible time but it will still be a slow process no matter what you do.

I grow Meyer lemons myself but I don't recall exactly how long it takes a particular fruit to reach maturity. This is because, if you feed them regularly, Meyer lemon trees will flower and fruit continually until interrupted by frost.

There will be fruit in various stages of ripeness on the tree nearly all the time. When I need a lemon in the kitchen, I just go out and look for a ripe 1.

My tree is about 10 years old so it is large enough and mature enough to give me all the lemons I want.

It sounds like your tree is healthy and growing well but younger than mine. Keep caring for it just the way you have been and in another year or 2 you will have lemons ripening nearly all the time.

Another great thing about lemons is that you don't necessarily have to wait until they turn yellow to use them. As long as they are full sized they can be consumed. Coloring "sweetens" them so a green lemon will just be more tart than a yellow lemon.

If your oldest lemon has been on the tree for 2 months, you can expect to wait at least another 2 months for it to mature.

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Jul 28, 2014
lemon tree
by: Anonymous

I bought a small Meyer lemon tree and have it in a big pot on my deck. How often should I water it? It says on the label to water weekly but it seems to need water much soon.

I live in TX and plan on bringing the pot in the house when it gets cold/frost. Will it do all right in the house?
Also what type of plant food should I give it.


Botanical Journeys Plant Guides:

Never mind what it says on the label, water your tree when the soil dries to the depth of one knuckle.

How much moisture a fruit tree needs depends on many different factors (the weather, size of the pot, etc.) that the people who write those labels have no control over.

Your tree will be fine indoors over the winter as long as it gets enough light.

As far as feeding it is concerned, it is best to use a plant food which has been specially formulated for citrus. This is where you need to follow the directions on the label!

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