How to Grow Peppers of All Types

How to grow peppers of all types. How to grow hot red peppers. How to grow green bell peppers. Growing jalapeno pepper plants.

The Bell Pepper
The Bell Pepper

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How to Grow Hot Peppers

Growing Hot Peppers

Growing hot peppers. How to grow Capsicum annuum pepper plants (often misspelled annum). Growing cayenne peppers. Red chili pepper plant care. Hot pepper seeds.

How to Grow Hotter Peppers

For the hottest peppers, situate the plants in all day sun. The more sun and heat a hot pepper plant is exposed to, the more capsaicin the fruit will contain. Chili fruit also becomes hotter as it ripens so resist picking the pods until they color fully.

Following these tips will only allow a chili to become as hot as it is genetically capable of becoming. If your fully ripe peppers are still not as hot as you'd like, try planting a hotter variety like ghost or habenero peppers--two of the hottest peppers in the world.

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Grow Peppers in Pots

5 Hot Pepper Plants for Container Gardening

5 hot pepper plants for container gardens. Growing hot peppers in pots. Ornamental pepper plants and 5 other hot pepper varieties.

Grow Peppers Indoors

Pepper, Medusa Ornamental

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Use a good quality potting mix when growing peppers indoors. If you use garden soil, you risk exposing the peppers to diseases.

Place the plants in the brightest light you can give them. A pepper plant will perform poorly unless it gets lots of light.

Air circulation is also important, so open a window or keep a fan on low near the plant for a few hours each day.

When choosing a pepper plant houseplant, be mindful of the mature size of the variety you choose. Ornamental pepper plants make particularly suitable houseplants.

How to Grow Bell Peppers

Growing Bell Peppers

Growing bell peppers. How to grow sweet bell pepper plants. Container gardening bell peppers. Planting green bell peppers.

How to Grow Jalapeno Peppers

Growing Jalapeno Peppers

Growing jalapeno peppers (also spelled jalepeno), Capsicum annuum. How to grow a jalapeno pepper plant from seed. When to pick jalapenos. Freezing and drying fresh jalapenos.

Pepper Plants

Buy pepper plants and seeds here. Sweet pepper seeds and plants. Instructions for growing cayenne, hot, and bell peppers.

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Capsicum annuum info. Information about growing, drying, and the health benefits of cayenne pepper plants and fruit.

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