How to Make Indoor Orchids Bloom

I was given 2 orchids a couple years ago and re-potted them into 5" clay pots using mulch rather than dirt.

They re-bloomed once.

Then one plant's stem died totally down to the base. The leaves at the base seem to be fine, but so far no more stem or flower. The other plant has one long stem (10 inches)that sprouted one "root" at the very top. Should I cut off the stem midway and plant it separately?

Do they need to be replanted into other pots or does the mulch need to be replaced? They are in my kitchen right in front of the window. They get indirect sunlight most of the day.

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Inducing rebloom is the most diffucult aspect of growing orchids for most beginners.

You did not say what kind of orchids you have so my answer will be for orchids in general. I strongly urge you to look up care instructions for the specific varieties you are growing as different types of orchids bloom during different seasons. Also, some orchids bloom 2 or 3 times per year while others will only bloom once.

My guess is that lack of light is not the problem as you are growing the plants right in front of a window.

It is not the best idea to repot orchids too often. When they begin to climb out of their pots (many roots growing outside the pot), it's time.

I suspect you are watering correctly because you do not have roots rotting or leaves withering or turning yellow.

That leaves feeding.

Too much nitrogen will produce deep green leaves and lush top growth but can impede flower production.

I suggest you try switching to a bloom boosting fertilizer. Look for a water soluble food with a higher middle number. 10-15-10 or 15-30-15 is what you want.

I would be very careful using any fertilizer with a middle number (phosphate) than 30 as orchids can be sensitive to strong fertilizers.

If the fertilizer is labeled for use on orchids, follow the directions on the bottle. If not, mix it at half strength and use it each time you water the plants.

Water on your normal schedule.

As for turning that stem with a root into a new orchid, I would wait until a few more roots form before separating it.

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