How to Treat Banana Tree Diseases

by Carly
(Derby City, Ky)

Help, I am just sick about my beautiful banana trees, hardy type, I had at least 30 trees now I have 8. Everything has the blight and powdery mildew.

What should I do?

I bought some Bayer Advanced this morning but just am not sure. Thought I would put them in containers while treating the lawn

I feel sick, help???!!!!

Carla in Derby city,ky

P.S. I did eyerthing just like I have done in the past my yard lookeded like a jungle.... I loved it. Boo wooooooo...

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Hi Carla,

I'm so sorry to hear about the disease problems you are having with your banana plants.

Before I can help you, I need a little more information.

How do you know they have blight and powdery mildew? What symptoms are the plants exhibiting?

How have the plants been cared for? Were they overwatered recently or overfertilized?

Has there been a recent cold snap?

Are any insects hanging out around the plants or in the soil?

Is the soil draining freely?

If you can answer these questions and possibly submit pictures of the plants, I will try to help you save the remaining trees.

Just use the comment section on this page to respond.

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