Hungarian Wax Peppers

Hungarian wax peppers. Growing hot banana pepper plants. When to pick hot banana peppers. How to store fresh Hungarian yellow wax hot peppers. Buy Hungarian pepper seeds.

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Hungarian yellow wax peppers are pale yellow and 5-8 inches long at the time of harvest with a waxy, translucent skin. Yellow is not the color they are when they are completely ripe. The peppers pass through a yellow stage as they ripen. This is usually when they are picked. If allowed to fully ripen, they will turn red.

Hungarian hot wax peppers are close relatives of sweet banana peppers.

In fact, it if often referred to as the hot banana pepper. The two fruits look just alike but you can easily distinguish them by taste.

Hungarian yellow wax peppers are medium hot--5,000-1,000 Scoville Heat Units. Banana peppers are mild. It's a good idea to taste them before adding them to a recipe to avoid surprises.

Growing Hungarian Wax Peppers

Hungarian wax pepper fruit still on the plant.

The Hungarian wax chile pepper is a Capsicum annuum pepper that grows well in cool climates. It is popular with gardeners not only because it is tasty but because the color changes that the fruits go through result in peppers of several colors appearing on the plant at once.

Plant wax peppers in rich, moist soil that drains well. They need plenty of sun to ripen. Feed the plants every two weeks with a high phosphorus (the middle number) fertilizer. Protect the plants from strong, drying winds.

The first peppers will begin to ripen about 70 days after you set the plants out.

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When to Pick Hot Banana Peppers

This depends on how much heat you like. Hot banana peppers get hotter the longer they stay on the plant. If you want a real kick, wait until they turn red before harvesting them.

If you want to save seed for next season, you will need to allow at least a few of the pods to turn red as the seed will need this extra time on the plant in order to mature.

Wax peppers are tasty when pickled and they dry well. They maintain their crunch when canned.

How to Store Fresh Wax Peppers

They will keep for about a week in a paper bag in the fridge.

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