Lemon Tree Dropping Leaves

by Al Westlake
(19339 Westlake Cir.,Athens,AL)

I purchased a lemon tree this past spring and it grew four lemons. I had to move it in the house because of cold weather(north Alabama).

Shortly after, the tree lost all of it's leaves. The leaves were green and had no yellow ones. What do you think is the problem? I have fertilized the tree.

Will it put out new leaves after adjusting to the house? The tree is located in front of a south window and gets about six or seven hours of sunlight.

Can you help me?

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Trees of all kinds will sometimes react to shock in this way. And even though lemon trees are evergreens, the one in my yard routinely drops about 75% of its leaves every winter.

The tree might have been exposed to too much cold before you moved it indoors or the dropped leaves may be a reaction to the sudden change in its growing conditions.

If this is the only sign the lemon is giving you that something is wrong, I wouldn't worry about it.

It sounds like the tree is getting enough light. I would hold off on feeding it again until new leaves begin to grow. Until then, keep the soil just barely moist. You should see new growth within 2 months.

I don't think your lemon tree is suffering from a disease, but I'm including the following link just in case you need more information.

Lemon Tree Diseases

Lemon Tree Care

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