A List of Annual Flowers Divided by Color

A list of annual flowers to brighten your beds or container gardens. Perennials versus annuals. Plants and seeds available for every color including black.

A small front yard devoted, almost exclusively, to annuals.

Gardening with annuals is fun because you can achieve quick results. Annual flower seeds are readily available for all of the plants on this list. If you enjoy watching a seed sprout and grow into an annual bedding plant, then start your plants from seed.

If you are impatient, like me, you can plant annuals that are already blooming by beginning with nursery plants. You can also order annual flowers online right here.

Either way, your planting will mature rapidly. Most annual flower plants are genetically programmed to mature in a few weeks.

Perennials versus Annuals

See how the sun loving annuals planted in front of the hedge and at the mailbox brighten this Central Florida front yard landscape design.

Perennials are investment plants.

They're the retirement plan of the plant world.

You have to be patient and willing to wait for a period of years to receive the benefits they offer.

Perennial border plants are long-lasting, beautiful landscape accents and, in the long run, they are cheaper than annuals which makes them the better investment.

They are also the plants of choice for lazy gardeners.

You plant them once and they come back year after year on their own.

So why plant annuals ?

Instant gratification.

Annual plants are the fast food of the plant world. And on a plant-by-plant basis, they are cheaper than perennials. Even if the budget is tight this year, you can still get your plant fix.

You can quickly surround yourself with color by growing annual flowers in the spring.

Here's a list of annual flowers to help you chase away the winter blues.

White/Silver Annual Plants

Petunia Shock Wave Coconut icon

Dichondra Silver Falls icon

Lisianthus White Rose icon

Giant White Moonflower icon

Zinnia, White Wedding icon

Petunia, Supercascade White icon

Rare Black Annuals

Petunia Phantom icon

Petunia Black Cat icon

Petunia Sophistica Blackberry Hybrid icon

Blue Annual Flowers

Lisianthus Blue Rose icon

Sky Blue Petunia icon

Heavenly Blue Morning Glory Vine icon

Blue Boy Cornflower Seeds icon

Baby Blue Eyes Nemophila icon

Salvia Black & Blue Plants and Seeds icon

Purple Flowers

Grandpa Ott Morning Glory Vine icon

Victoria Salvia icon

Petunia, Supercascade Blue icon

Purple Wave Petunias icon

Serena Purple Angelonia icon

Diana's Blueberry Dianthus icon

List of Red Annual Flowers

Dragon Wing Begonia, Red icon

Celosia, Red Velvet icon

Petunia, Supercascade Red icon

Celosia, Fresh Look Red icon

Red Vinca Merry Go Round icon

Calla Lily Red Alert icon

Pink Annuals

Cosmos, Double Take icon

Petunia, Tie Dye Hybrid icon

Lisianthus Balboa Rose icon

Martha Washington Petunia icon

Calibrachoa, Callie Painted Coral icon

Stardom Pink Geranium icon

Yellow/Gold Flowers

Teddy Bear Sunflower icon

Lemon Cream Calendula icon

Lofty Lady Marigold Seed icon

Indian Summer Rudbeckia icon

Sunflower, Frilly Hybrid icon

Thunbergia alata Seeds icon

Orange Annual Flowers

Gazania, Kiss Bronze Star icon

Oktoberfest Calendula Seeds icon

Heirloom Nasturtium, Vesuvius icon

Queen Sophia Marigold icon

Bright Lights Cosmos icon

Begonia, Sparks Will Fly icon

Green Flowers

Tequila Lime Zinnia Seeds icon

Love Lies Bleeding, Green Amaranthus icon

Bells of Ireland, Pixie Bells icon

Mixed Colors

Kaleidoscope Four O'Clocks icon

Alaska Mix Nasturtium Seeds icon

Moulin Rouge Pansy Seeds icon

Tricolor Daisy Chrysanthemum icon

Cleome, Queen Mixed Colors icon

Petunias, Burpee's Best Mix icon

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Heuchera Tricolor Collection icon
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Hellebore, Onyx Odyssey icon
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