Map of Maui Hawaii
Maui Maps

Detailed map of Maui Hawaii showing all the different towns. Maui road map showing areas of the island. A road map of Maui, Hawaii. Maui island map pinpointing resorts and other local points of interest.

Map of Maui Hawaii showing all towns.

Consult this page when you are on Maui island trying to get a sense of where the attractions you want to visit are in relationship to your resort.

Use the maps to help you plan your daily activities in one area of the island so that you spend less time in the car and less money on fuel.

Map of Maui Hawaii roads.

This map of Maui shows you all the major roads around the island. Maui is only 48 miles long and 26 miles across at its widest point. As long as you know which direction your destination is in and which major road will lead you to it, you will have no difficulty finding what you seek.

If you are concerned about getting lost on the secondary roads, your rental car may have a GPS you can use. If not, bring your own from home. Just tuck it into the glove compartment whenever you leave the car.

Map of Maui Hawaii pinpointing some points of interest.

This Maui, Hawaii map pinpoints some local places you might like to go. Like that most famous of Maui restaurants, Mama's Fish House in Paia town. Or the Hyatt Regency on Kaanapali beach, one of the premier resorts on the island.

Map of Maui Hawaii island.

Print these Maui maps out and take them with you as you explore the Pacific paradise that is Maui, Hawaii.

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