Meaning of Lavender Roses
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Learn the meaning of lavender roses. Meaning of lilac roses. Discover the meaning for a purple rose. Purple rose color meaning varies according to the shade of the flower. A lavender purple rose signifies something slightly different from a deep purple rose.

Rose, Climbing Angel Face Jumbo

Rose, Climbing Angel Face Jumbo

For colorful waves of flowers from spring until frost! Now you can enjoy the exquisite beauty and fragrance of this lavender rose as an everblooming climber.

Lavender roses are uncommon, therefore they represent the rare and unique. They speak of enchantment and love at first sight. Lavender or lilac roses are sophisticated and should not be given to just anyone.

Giving a lavender rose bouquet to a refined, classy lady will tell her that you have fallen under her spell and that you think she is a rare and special treasure.

Meaning for a Purple Rose

Raindrops Series 2 Purple Roses
Raindrops Series 2 Purple Roses

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The meaning of a deep purple rose is a little different than the meaning of a lilac rose.

Deep purple has historically been a color favored by royalty. It is still considered to be a noble hue. Give purple roses to someone of regal bearing to express the sentiment, "I am at your service."

Do not give the darkest purple roses for this purpose. Purple roses so dark that their petals appear nearly black have a different meaning. They symbolize mysticism, ceremony and spiritual wisdom.

Another association of purple rose color is creativity. Purple is often a favorite color of children and artists. Set a vase of purple rose flowers on your desk whenever you are working on a difficult creative project.

Pretty in Purple

Pretty in Purple

Dramatic in size, this stunning bouquet is a heavenly mixture of purple and lavender blooms. We combine roses, stock, and larkspur with a sprinkling of white and pink accents to create a bouquet that will impress and delight any recipient. When delivered in a glass vase adorned with a satin ribbon, it's a wise choice for anniversaries, birthdays, and more. Measures 13'' x 26''.

Blue Rose Meaning
Blue rose meaning. The real meaning of blue colored roses. Blue rose flowers do not occur in nature. The florist blue rose flower is dyed blue. I'll tell you how to make and the meaning of a blue rose.

Meaning of Pink Roses
Learn the meaning of pink roses. How the meaning of red roses and white rose meaning factor into pink roses meaning. When to give a bouquet of pink roses or a long stem pink rose.

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