The Meaning of Pink Roses

Uncover the meaning of pink roses. Learn how the symbolism of red and white roses factors into pink rose meaning. How to know when to give a bouquet of pink roses or a single, long stem pink rose.

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Pink is a blend of the colors red and white. Red roses symbolize intense feelings: passionate love and strong sexual attraction. The meaning of white roses counterbalances this intensity with purity and virtue.

Pink roses take the middle ground. Pink is sweet, feminine and ladylike. Pink roses send a softer, more polite message than red rose flowers.

Youthfulness, freshness, and fun are all wrapped up inside the meaning of pink rose flowers. Pink roses speak of beauty and sweet love. Pale pink roses symbolize a purer love than hot pink roses which have more red in their petals.

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Pink is the most versatile of roses colors. You can give a bunch of pink roses to almost anyone you love or even just like a lot.

All you have to do is chose the appropriate shade.

The deep pink roses in the print just above would be a suitable gift for a woman you are romantically drawn to but perhaps not deeply in love with yet.

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The old fashioned roses above would thrill your mom or grandmother and the pale pink color would convey a very different message than that of the hot pink roses.

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Pale pink roses symbolize pure love and draw us back to a more genteel era. Antique or vintage pink roses do this with grace.

Meaning of Pink Roses
Long Stem Pink Rose

Three Pink Roses
Three Pink Roses

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The long stem pink rose above has some lavender in it. This gives it a more complex meaning. You would give a lavender pink rose to a lady you feel is sophisticated but still girlishly fun-loving. The deepness of the hue conveys romantic feelings but without the hot passion of red.

Pink Roses Triptych
Pink Roses Triptych

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These are a sweet, innocent pink. Romance is not symbolized. The pretty pink rose buds could be given to a very young girl. The open pink rose flower, to a woman whose virtues you admire. She could be your eldest daughter.

You might present your wife with a single pink rose but choose a deeper pink. A hot pink Hybrid Tea rose will assure her of your continuing love and tell her that you still think she's fun to be with.

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