Easy Microwave Pressure Cooker Recipes

For the Prepology Microwave Pressure Cooker

Simple microwave pressure cooker recipes I developed using my Prepology microwave pressure cooker. How to make chicken stock, microwaving chicken and fish, cooking times for oatmeal and rice,etc.

The recipes on this page were developed for use with a Prepology microwave pressure cooker which cooks under 6 lbs. of pressure and a 700 Watt microwave oven.  If you are using a different cooker or your oven is a different wattage, you will need to adjust the cooking times to allow for these differences.

Prepology microwave pressure cooking in my oven.
I decided to publish these recipes because the recipes in the book that came with my cooker were developed for use in a 900 Watt microwave which is not what I have. Also, I found that the Prepology Microwave Pressure Cooker User Guide & Recipes book (here's a link to the pdf) really didn't contain instructions for what I wanted to make.

This cooker is very easy to use (my review of it is, here) once you get the cooking times worked out.

Cooking Chicken in the Microwave

Chicken Marsala and Rice

Just as with cooking chicken on the stove, you want to be sure not to undercook it.  The danger with the microwave is that if you leave it in a  couple of minutes too long, the meat will be tough.

Test the cooked meat for doneness by pricking the thickest part with a fork or knife.  If the utensil penetrates easily, the juices run clear and you don't see any pink color in the flesh, it's done and safe to eat.

Making Chicken Stock

Health Tip:

A broth made with the bones will be more nutritious than one prepared from boneless chicken. 

Chicken bones and cartilage contain a natural form of glucosamine so, if you suffer from joint pain, use bone-in chicken.

I usually use 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts or 5 drumsticks.  Use whatever pieces you like to eat. 

Wash the chicken and place it into the bowl of the microwave pressure cooker.  Add a little bit of chopped onion, celery and a cut up carrot for extra flavor.  Sprinkle in a pinch of black pepper and salt, if you like.  My husband follows a low sodium diet that has normalized his blood pressure, so I don't add any salt.

I have not given exact amounts because it isn't necessary for a recipe like this.  Use whatever scraps of vegetables you have in your fridge.  If you don't have all of the above, just leave whatever is lacking out.  I make a basic stock with just water, black pepper and chicken all the time.

Cover the meat and vegetables with 2 cups of water.

Lock the lid onto your pressure cooker and place it in the microwave.

Cook on high power for 16 minutes.  Once the pressure has fallen, carefully remove the lid and remove the meat and vegetables with a slotted spoon.

Let the stock cool before pouring it into a clean jar.  Refrigerate immediately.

Homemade chicken stock will keep for several days.  I use it in place of water when cooking rice or vegetables.

I usually use the cooked chicken to make chicken salad.

Microwave Pressure Cooker Recipes


To make 4 servings, add 1 cup of rice and 1 1/2 cups of broth or water, and a teaspoon of olive oil to the bowl of the microwave pressure cooker.

Add 1/2 a teaspoon of salt, if you like.

Stir and cook on high power for 15 minutes.  Allow the rice to steam for 2-3 minutes before serving.

I sometimes double this recipe.

Whole Meals

The oven is just big enough to allow you to prepare an entire meal for 2.  You can either:

  1. Place the meat or fish on the bottom of the bowl and layer the vegetables atop it, or
  2. Place your rice and water in the bowl and put your meat in the removable tray.  Set the tray in place, lock the lid on and cook.

Remember to add enough liquid to last throughout the cooking time. Half a cup is plenty for meals that will cook in 20 minutes or less.

If rice is a component, use the correct amount of liquid to cook the rice.


To make 4 servings, add 2 cups of old-fashioned oatmeal (not instant) and 3 1/2 cups of water to the bowl of the microwave pressure cooker.

Stir and cook on high power for 7 minutes.  Allow the cereal to steam for a few minutes before serving.


I usually place a 1 lb. fillet of salmon or trout on the bottom of the cooker and surround it with peeled potato chunks.  Season the fish just as you would if you were baking it, then pour half a cup of liquid (broth, water, orange juice, etc.) over it.

If we want another vegetable, I'll put sliced carrots or summer squash in the removable tray and set that into the cooker before locking the lid into place.

Cook on high power for 15 minutes.

Comes out perfect every time!

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