Morning Glory Will Not Bloom

by Geraldine
(Hales Corners, WI)

This year, I planted a few morning glory vines. I have lots of healthy vines, but few blooms. They are the blue ones, but there's also a few off white ones.

Should I have bought the more expensive seeds,or what else would cause the lack of blossoms?

Thanks for your help!

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Geraldine, the fact that your Morning Glory seeds sprouted and grew lush vines is proof positive that there was nothing wrong with the seed.

When flowering annuals behave this way it is for 1 of 3 reasons:

  1. They are not getting enough sun.

  2. They are getting too much nitrogen.

  3. They are not getting enough phosphorous.

Bonide Products Triple Super Phosphate 0450 4 Pounds  969

Try sprinkling a little bit of
super phosphate
on the soil the vines are planted in.

Water it in.

If the Morning Glories are in enough sun, you should get flowers within a month.

Do not give them any other fertilizer as they have obviously had enough nitrogen.

If you grow them again next year, feed them with a high bloom formula. This is a fertilizer with a higher middle number.

Rainbow Mix Bloom 100% Natural Organic Fertilizer Powder 1-9-2
is a good brand.

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