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Mortgage lifter tomato growing tips. Pink, indeterminate tomatoes. Buy heirloom tomato seeds here. Red and yellow tomato mortgage lifter. Lycopersicon lycopersicum.

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These flattened, pink red tomatoes are low acid and big. Weighing in at up to 2 lbs. each, these are giant tomatoes for sure. And the story behind this tomato is just as big as the fruit.

"Radiator Charlie" Byles ran an auto repair shop in Logan, West Virginia, where he repaired the radiators of coal and timber trucks that blew them out grinding up the steep mountain roads.

In the early 1940s Charlie decided he wanted to create a superior tomato. He planted 9 different types of tomatoes in a circle and one in the middle for a total of 10 tomato varieties. The one in the middle was German Johnson. The others were giant tomatoes he had grown from seed.

He took the pollen from the others and used it to pollinate the German Johnson's flowers. Then he began saving tomato seed from the resulting fruit.

He had been growing and saving the seed from this experiment for 7 years by the time he felt satisfied with the quality of the fruit and plant. He then began selling seedlings for $1 each.

In the 1940s a dollar was a high price for a tomato plant, but people felt that Radiator Charlie's mortgage lifter tomatoes were worth it.

Byles sold enough tomato plants to pay off the mortgage on his $6,000 home.

Tomato Mortgage Lifter Facts

This is an indeterminate, open pollinated beefsteak tomato which matures in 70-80 days.

The vines grow 8-10 feet tall and bear heavily so trellis them.

Remember the fruit will not be bright red when ripe but pinkish. You don't want to let them spoil on the vine waiting for them to color up.

The fruits are smooth, not tremendously seedy and taste good fresh. The vines are moderately tolerant of root knot nematodes and various tomato diseases. They tolerate heat and drought fairly well too.

Yellow Tomato Mortgage Lifter

This is a bi-colored strain which bears heavy crops of tomatoes with yellow skin and pink and red streaked flesh. The beefsteak tomato fruits average 1 lb. each, mature in 95 days and are mild and fruity tasting.

This is an indeterminate tomato which will need staking.

There is also a Red Mortgage Lifter but this is not a heritage tomato. It is a recently developed improvement on the original with better disease resistance.

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Tomato, Mortgage Lifter

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Mortgage Lifter Tomato Seeds

Mortgage Lifter Tomato Seeds

Puts out extremely heavy yields of big, low-acid pink fruits.

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