Moth Orchid Blooms Wilting

by Bob
(Richmond, VA)

My moth orchid has put out a bloom spike & has produced several beautiful blooms. However, about half way up the spike 2 blooms on either side of the spike have begun to wilt. Other blooms remain open & viable.

I have carefully watered the plant so it's not from lack of water & blooms above & below the wilted ones are fine.
What's happening?

TX - Bob

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Phalaenopsis orchid flowers can wilt for several reasons:

  • The bloom is old and dying a natural death.

  • The roots became too dry for a short time.

  • Too strong a fertilizer was used while the plant was in bloom. It is best to feed orchids weakly or not at all while they are blooming.

  • The plant was moved and subjected to a change in temperature or light.

  • Insect damage to the affected flowers.

  • Root rot. Slip the moth out of its pot and examine the roots. Cut off any damaged roots and replace any media which has deteriorated.

  • It is puzzling when blooms in the middle of a spike wilt as you would expect the oldest flowers to fade first.

    If your orchid is not showing any other signs of distress and its flowers do not continue to wilt before they should, I don't think you should worry too much about it.

    Moth Orchid Care

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