My Knockout Rose Bush is Not Growing. Why?


I have 2 Knock Out rose bushes planted about 25 feet apart. One is doing great--growing and blooming really full. The other one has stopped growing but is still blooming and the whole plant is thinning out.

I noticed that the stems coming from the ground are brown like they are dying or have died.

Both plants get the same amount of attention as for water and fertilizer.

Please help.


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Botanical Journeys Plant Guides:

It sounds to me as if there is something wrong with the soil the declining rose is planted in. There may be nematodes in that part of your yard or some other bug or disease organism.

My Advice:

Dig the plant up immediately. Rinse the soil from its roots (do this in the same area so as to avoid spreading whatever it is to another part of your yard) and examine the root system.

If there are knots or galls all over the roots, the rose is infested with root knot nematodes.

You could try pruning it and planting it in a pot of clean (sterile soil purchased online or at a nursery) soil.

It may recover if you move quickly enough.

I advise planting the rose in a pot because moving it to another in-ground location will spread the nematodes to that area.

If, when you examine the roots, you don't see knots; nematodes are not your problem. The roots may be under attack from ants or another visible pest. In this case, try to identify the insect and spray or drench the roots with the appropriate insecticide to kill it.

Then you can plant the rose in a different spot and pamper it for a few weeks to see if it pulls through. Or, you can toss it and try again with a new Knock Out shrub.

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