Newly Planted Roses Dying

I have 2 roses that I planted two months ago and although I have watered them and fed them they have gone brown and the leaves have gone brown also, please help.

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It is difficult for me to help you with so little information.

You did not mention what types of roses you planted or what size the plants were.

I also do not know where you are located but, in most parts of the U.S., 2 months ago (late February or early March) would have been a little early to install new rose bushes.

Is it possible that a late frost damaged the plants?

It sounds to me like the plants died.

To check, scratch the canes with your fingernail. If the cambium layer (the tissue just beneath the surface of the stems) is green, the canes are still alive. If not, they are dead.

If the canes are dead and the roses are grafted, dig them up and barrel them. If you planted roses which were growing on their own roots, wait to see if new shoots emerge from the ground.

Own-root roses may come back from the root.

While you are waiting, keep the soil moist but do not feed the roses any more until you see new growth.

Good luck.

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