Noble Fir Christmas Tree

Abies procera

Characteristics of the Noble fir Christmas tree. Why you should get a Noble fir tree for Christmas. Buy a Noble fir artificial Christmas tree.

Noble Fir Christmas Tree Farm
Noble Fir Christmas Tree Farm

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The inch long blue-green needles of the Noble fir tree feature several rows of white stomata which give them a silvery appearance. The needles curve upward displaying their undersides.

The branches are sturdy enough to hold heavy Christmas tree lights and ornaments.

The seed cones are large and occur more commonly at the top of the tree.

Noble fir Christmas trees account for nearly 30% of fresh cut Christmas trees sold in the Pacific Northwest.

The tree is gaining in popularity due to its fantastic needle retention. It drops fewer needles than any other type of Christmas tree.

Growing a Noble Fir Christmas Tree

Abies procera is native to the Northwestern U.S. and cold hardy into zone 5. Mature specimens can reach 200 feet in height in the wild. Cultivated trees rarely grow taller than 100 feet.

Noble fir trees transplant easily but are not tolerant of high winds. Plant them on moist, acidic soil with good drainage in full sun for best performance.

Protect young trees from deer.

Noble Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

The Switchable Color Prelit Noble Fir.

7.5' Switchable Color Prelit Noble Fir

You can change the 1,000 LED lights this tree is strung with from white to multicolored just by flipping a switch. The energy efficient lights are designed so that if 1 bulb burns out, the rest will keep glowing.

The tree's branches are formed of 18-gauge wire to make them strong enough to support your largest ornaments. The 3,970 injection-molded branch tips have been shaped to imitate the natural growth pattern and silhouette of a live Abies procera tree.

The World's Best Tabletop Prelit Noble Fir (LED).

40" Tabletop Prelit Noble Fir (LED).

Available exclusively from Hammacher Schlemmer. This tabletop Christmas tree is molded from a fresh cut Abies procera and meticulously strung with 100 lights in your choice of LED or incandescent, clear or multicolored.

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